Black Charred Bone

 Charred bone is a popular product of the KAWA Agricultural GuizhouCo., Ltd. Charred bone mainly consists of calcium phosphate and carbon and is obtained from animal bones. The carbonization of the bones was taken in kilns at temperatures up to 1000°C. Depending on the application, the charred bones are processed into a powdery or granulated product. It has four main uses: first, it can be used for industry to make sugar, and secondly, it is used as a resource for the active carbon, thirdly, it is used as a special fertilizer, lastly, it can be used as an additive of pigment.

Charred bone is not used in processing all cane sugars but its use is very common. Since the bones are heated to a very high temperature (to change them into carbon), there is a physical change in its structure, leaving no actual bone particles. The bone charcoal is used to filter the sugar; it does not become a part of the sugar. After the sugar is refined, the remaining charcoal dust is sold for use in animal feed.

  As the resource for the active carbon, the active carbon which is make of bone charcoal can cleaning water and absorb the harmful materials of water even effectively. At present, it be used in drinking water industry and treat with waste water from living.

Bone carbon can raise the quality of farmers’ produce quickly and effectively. For example, fruit will become sweeter and have more flavour. Herbs, rice, and wheat will be of higher quality, and it will raise the standard of green products such as tea and vegetables, etc. Otherwise, it will benefit farmers by raising the soils temperature one to five degrees to protect the produce through the winter duration. Produce will also begin five to fifteen days earlier than the regular starting date. Since it can keep the soil moist. If it's mixed with other fertilizers it can raise the effect about thirty percent. It helps in keeping the soils nutrition and best growing condition by slowly releasing its nutrition.